Pennies, Almonds & Happy Dogs


Penny bottle

You can’t fail to have seen the wonderful news story this week about Stephen Sutton.  Stephen is a young cancer patient who, following a terminal diagnosis of bowel cancer has raised an astonishing £3M (so far) for the Teenage Cancer Trust.  As a charity, fundraising is at the heart of everything we do.  Without people raising money on their behalf, charities simply would not survive.

From our point of view it costs approximatley £200,000 per year to run our centre.  Times being as they are, we can never assume that this money will be raised each year.  Indeed, some years, it has been a close run thing as to whether we will cover our costs or not.  Quite often when people raise money they will say ‘it’s only £20’ or ‘it’s only £10’.  As nice as it is to receive larger donations, I can assure you that without these £10 and £20 donatins coming in we would have a rather large hole in our fundraising target!    There are so many charities out there and, understandably, people get fed up of being asked for money but unless people understand the difference their donation will make, however small they feel it is, support for the charity will drop of. 

As an example of what we spend monies raised on, one of our biggest regular expenses is refreshments.  You cannot underestimate the healing properties of a cup of tea for someone who has an anxious wait for a clinic appointment either for themselves or a loved one.  Last year we spent £3,281.67 on tea, coffee and biscuits.  Every penny of that £3,281.67 was raised by someone either holding an event, doing a sponsored walk or saving their pennies in a jar.  It all adds up and it all helps.  We have a great fundraising team in Fiona and Gwynneth so if you’re thinking about donating money but worried you won’t raise ‘enough’ please get in touch.   We receive all donations with equal thanks and enthusiasm!  You can even donate online via or over the telephone by calling 01483 406619.




According to a series of studies by the American Society of Nutrition, high-protein, nutrient-rich Almonds can  help suppress the appetite, and  keep your heart healthy.  They are also an important source of food for those at risk or suffering from Diabetes  as they moderate blood glucose.  Apart from being packed with minerals such as manganese which helps the body form strong bones and regulate blood sugar and magnesium which is essential for organ, muscle and nerve function, and regulating the blood presure, almonds are high in Vitamin E which keeps the skin looking youthful!  We have yet to clarify if the almonds in a bakewell tart will also have the same affects!




If you’re feeling down on this grey Monday, have a read of this article about Daisy, a disabled dog whose owner describes her as the ‘happiest dog in the world’.  Oh that we should all take a leaf out of Daisy’s book!


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