Up, Up & Away!


So, welcome to the first Fountain Centre blog post (or Flog post maybe?) We want to use this blog as a tool for positivity and optimism.  There is no denying that working at the Fountain Centre can be tough.  However, we are also blessed with a centre that exudes calmness, tranquility and humour in equal measure.  These are the things we want to promote.

Last Friday saw the spectacular event known as the Fountain Centre fashion show. This was our eighth fashion show and, yet again, it was a resounding success.  Our patients took to the catwalk with courage, tenacity and a joie de vivre that quite honestly took our breath away.  As is the case year after year, they owned the catwalk and showed true grit and determination.  We were joined by the firefighters from Guildford Fire Station who escorted the ladies and gents on to the catwalk.  I don’t know what it is about a man in a uniform but the audience worked themselves up in to a frenzy which made an already electrically charged room positively radioactive!

We were entertained by the supremely talented Teens4Teens choir who have made a CD in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust.  Such beautiful voices for such a worthwhile cause.

From start to finish the evening entertained, inspired and touched everyone watching.  The feedback has been amazing which makes all the hard work leading up to it, very worthwhile. When all monies are in we are anticipating that the evening will have raised a phenomenal £12k for the Fountain Centre.  This will go a long way towards the £200k we need to run each year.

If you attended a big THANK YOU.



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