Can You Whistle?

If, like me, you are always asked the same question when you try to sing ‘Can You Whistle?’; now is your opportunity to prove the doubters wrong. We are going to be starting our own Fountain Centre choir!! We have been approached by another charity who have been given funding to set up a choir in the South East. The choir will be made up of patients, carers and staff. This is a really exciting opportunity for us and we are beyond excited. Of course, a choir is no good without voices to fill it. So, whether you like singing in bath, in the car or on the bus – WE NEED YOU!! A choir master is in the process of being recruited (oh yes, we aren’t messing about!) and we hope to start rehearsing in November. If you want to give it a go, please get in touch. And if if you can’t manage a tune don’t worry, you can always whistle!


Vegas Night Poster

On another musical note, we now have tickets on sale for our Touch of Vegas event on Friday 3rd October 2014 starring 70’s legend Alvin Stardust. This musical extravaganza is not to be missed – a glittering evening of cabaret set against the backdrop of the colourful history of ‘Sin City’, with toe-tapping tunes that will have you dancing in your seats. Get your tickets now for the hottest show in town! Tickets are £35 and include a light supper and cabaret.


As we are leading increasingly busy lives these days, this article that I came across in the guardian might prove useful. Of course, there might be a bit of ‘artistic license’ involved! Enjoy..

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Jazzy Sausages & Football

jazz hands

What do you get if you cross a Jazz Quartet with a hog roast?  A jazzy pig?  Maybe not!! What about a fantastic evening evening of Jazz with dinner thrown in?   We will be hosting a Jazz Evening on Sunday 6th July at Wix Farm, West Horsley.  We are thrilled to have the fabulous Simon Bates and his Jazz Quartet supporting this event.  Tickets are available from the Fountain Centre priced £25.  This really will be superb event so get your jazz hands at the ready and give us a call now on 01483 406619


“Procrastination is the thief of time” so said some clever clogs or other! Each and every one of us can, at some time or another, be prone to extreme procrastination. Whether it's deciding which socks to wear in the morning, whether to have tea or coffee for breakfast, whether to watch Eastenders or Coronation Street, whether to do the crossword in the Times or the Guardian, the list goes on… But what happens while we are procrastinating? We forget to seize the day. If there is one thing that working at the Fountain Centre teaches us it is that life is not infinite and should be nurtured and cherished every second of every day. In the blink of an eye our lives can change. There is so much doom and gloom in the newspapers. If you were to take it all on board you would go mad – just this week some of the headlines were “Heart failure risk, doubled by sausages” and “Lack of Sun raises early death risk for middle aged” So my advice is eat a big plate of sausages whilst sitting in the dark with someone you love! Life's too short for lettuce!

World Cup<

This week is the start of the world cup. Houses across the globe will be adorned in their team colours. It's so important for any team to have a band of loyal supporters. We at the Fountain Centre are no different. We have a small supporters group who help us with events – whether it's selling raffle tickets at our fashion show, or shaking a tin outside M&S – they are OUR band of loyal supporters. Some of them have been with us from the very start – always there no matter what. But as with most supporters, the numbers can drop of from time to time and it is important to keep injecting new blood and enthusiasm in order to maintain momentum. So if you think you can help on a purely ad hoc basis, please drop us an e:mail to Even if you can only be there to support one event a year – it will make all the difference to our small team.

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Pennies, Almonds & Happy Dogs


Penny bottle

You can’t fail to have seen the wonderful news story this week about Stephen Sutton.  Stephen is a young cancer patient who, following a terminal diagnosis of bowel cancer has raised an astonishing £3M (so far) for the Teenage Cancer Trust.  As a charity, fundraising is at the heart of everything we do.  Without people raising money on their behalf, charities simply would not survive.

From our point of view it costs approximatley £200,000 per year to run our centre.  Times being as they are, we can never assume that this money will be raised each year.  Indeed, some years, it has been a close run thing as to whether we will cover our costs or not.  Quite often when people raise money they will say ‘it’s only £20’ or ‘it’s only £10’.  As nice as it is to receive larger donations, I can assure you that without these £10 and £20 donatins coming in we would have a rather large hole in our fundraising target!    There are so many charities out there and, understandably, people get fed up of being asked for money but unless people understand the difference their donation will make, however small they feel it is, support for the charity will drop of. 

As an example of what we spend monies raised on, one of our biggest regular expenses is refreshments.  You cannot underestimate the healing properties of a cup of tea for someone who has an anxious wait for a clinic appointment either for themselves or a loved one.  Last year we spent £3,281.67 on tea, coffee and biscuits.  Every penny of that £3,281.67 was raised by someone either holding an event, doing a sponsored walk or saving their pennies in a jar.  It all adds up and it all helps.  We have a great fundraising team in Fiona and Gwynneth so if you’re thinking about donating money but worried you won’t raise ‘enough’ please get in touch.   We receive all donations with equal thanks and enthusiasm!  You can even donate online via or over the telephone by calling 01483 406619.




According to a series of studies by the American Society of Nutrition, high-protein, nutrient-rich Almonds can  help suppress the appetite, and  keep your heart healthy.  They are also an important source of food for those at risk or suffering from Diabetes  as they moderate blood glucose.  Apart from being packed with minerals such as manganese which helps the body form strong bones and regulate blood sugar and magnesium which is essential for organ, muscle and nerve function, and regulating the blood presure, almonds are high in Vitamin E which keeps the skin looking youthful!  We have yet to clarify if the almonds in a bakewell tart will also have the same affects!




If you’re feeling down on this grey Monday, have a read of this article about Daisy, a disabled dog whose owner describes her as the ‘happiest dog in the world’.  Oh that we should all take a leaf out of Daisy’s book!


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Monkey Yoga and Easter Blessings!

It’s been another busy week at the centre. The feedback from our fashion show has been amazing – something for which we are very grateful. There are some beautiful pictures on our facebook page and also at They bring back memories of a truly memorable night.  If you didn’t attend this year – don’t worry – we’re going to do it all again next year.

We have had some beautiful knitted animals donated to the centre this week to raise funds. The Ops team have adopted this little monkey as their mascot.   It was the See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil aspect that appealed. We are a virtuous bunch you know!

Monkey On The Edge!

Monkey On The Edge!

We are very lucky to have a new therapist starting in the centre who is going to run a six week ‘Restorative Yoga’ programme.  When people hear the word yoga they automatically assume that you will have to stand on your head with your arms crossed whilst humming along to the sound of birds chirping.  I am delighted to be able to tell you that this is not the case.  Yoga can be adapted to suit all shapes and sizes and levels of mobility.  Restorative yoga can be described as ‘active relaxation’.  By supporting the body with props we alternately stimulate and relax the body to move toward balance.   It is suitable for times when you feel weak, fatigued or stressed out from daily activities (which many of us are) and can be especially beneficial when you are ill or recovering from illness or injury.    If you want to have a go give us a call on 01483 406618 to book a place.  Remember – we can be as flexible as you aren’t!

Yoga is Nuts!

Yoga is Nuts!


As we all look forward to the long bank holiday weekend, I’ll leave you with this thought:



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Up, Up & Away!


So, welcome to the first Fountain Centre blog post (or Flog post maybe?) We want to use this blog as a tool for positivity and optimism.  There is no denying that working at the Fountain Centre can be tough.  However, we are also blessed with a centre that exudes calmness, tranquility and humour in equal measure.  These are the things we want to promote.

Last Friday saw the spectacular event known as the Fountain Centre fashion show. This was our eighth fashion show and, yet again, it was a resounding success.  Our patients took to the catwalk with courage, tenacity and a joie de vivre that quite honestly took our breath away.  As is the case year after year, they owned the catwalk and showed true grit and determination.  We were joined by the firefighters from Guildford Fire Station who escorted the ladies and gents on to the catwalk.  I don’t know what it is about a man in a uniform but the audience worked themselves up in to a frenzy which made an already electrically charged room positively radioactive!

We were entertained by the supremely talented Teens4Teens choir who have made a CD in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust.  Such beautiful voices for such a worthwhile cause.

From start to finish the evening entertained, inspired and touched everyone watching.  The feedback has been amazing which makes all the hard work leading up to it, very worthwhile. When all monies are in we are anticipating that the evening will have raised a phenomenal £12k for the Fountain Centre.  This will go a long way towards the £200k we need to run each year.

If you attended a big THANK YOU.



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